Take your model trucks to a new level!
CK-36 Mack F model (non-sleeper day cab) Conversion Kit - $60.00

Mack F model conversion kit with late interior includes cab,
interior with seats and dash, grab handles, mirrors, exhaust
stacks, airhorns, turn signals, air cleaners, bumper and decals.
Grey parts are made of metal (pewter)

NOTE: When buying this kit:

1. Choose bumper type: FB-12, FB-11 or FB-3 (shown below).
Interior and bumper are included in the kit price.

2. If you want an optional western style grill choose
ST-4 or ST-16 (shown below).
The grill options are each $3.00.

Below is an example using this conversion kit.

Below is an example of a Mack FL-600/700 daycab (note grill).

FL's (L stood for light) were mainly used out west, but
some found their way to the east.